Client Testimonials

“You did so much for me, beyond the traditional service expected from a realtor. I probably could have done it without you, but I’m glad you were there. Your support was essential. The advice you gave me was spot on. I’m glad I listed to most of it.”

Nita Davis
Santa Barbara, CA


“Thank you so much for all of your time consuming efforts and hand holding to get these deals done. You are a doer, and enabler. I believe these transactions would not have happened if anyone else had been representing us.”

Ken & Barbara Hershberg
Santa Barbara, CA


“Great service and wonderful. Tim was attentive and listened to our concerns whenever they came up. Tim was professional, friendly, and efficient in meeting our every need and making the experience of selling our home fast and hassle free.”

Ross Waddell
Santa Barbara, CA


“Thank you! Tim’s persistence and perseverance really paid off!

John Sheldon
Santa Barbara, CA


“We truly enjoyed working with Tim. He was easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about home buying and home ownership. He was responsive to our questions/needs and was quick to determine the type of house we were looking for which made the whole process efficient. He was very personable and great with people, which help on all ends of the deal. Thank you very much!”

Mr. & Mrs. Sharkey
Santa Barbara, CA


“We felt your service was 100% fabulous! There was no aspect of this “real estate process” that was anything but exiting and enjoyable and we attribute this to your professionalism and suburb customer service.”

Scott Peratis
Santa Barbara, CA


“Thank you for all the hard, tireless work in locating a great rental property for us. We appreciated being kept well informed of the process of the transaction.”

Mr. & Mrs. Marazita
Santa Barbara, CA


“Tim’s service was thorough and complete. He was able to ease our minds and talk us though every question or concern. He brought us a price for our home that allowed us to find an equally good home that we were extremely happy with. We feel very fortunate! Thank you.”

Mr. & Mrs. Brisby
Santa Barbara, CA


“Excellent work ethic, excellent service, very knowledgeable, and true to his word. I will recommend him to anyone, especially if they have unique purchase or sales requirements.”

Mr. & Mrs. Boylan
Santa Barbara, CA


“His integrity is a valuable asset and was what drew us to him initially. In a time of “catastrophe”, he didn’t lag, but set a new plan, acted on it and kept us moving ahead with him. His sense of humor, promptness, and positive attitude were other attributes that lead us to believe he was the man we needed to sell our house.”

Mr. & Mrs. Erosky


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